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SKY GLOBAL unveils new branding ahead of product launches

No longer a single product company, SKY GLOBAL rebrands to reflect a family of new solutions for B2B and B2C customers

Since it began in 2010, SKY GLOBAL has been providing businesses with simple and secure tools for communicating via encrypted text messaging. As SKY GLOBAL has grown over the past eight years, we’ve watched the mobile market expand with a larger selection of brands in market globally. Advanced mobile technologies deliver rich experiences and offer more entertainment and multimedia content than ever before. We have truly become a mobile-centric world. At the same time, people are exposed to more and more threats to their privacy and security, without good solutions to protect themselves. SKY GLOBAL believes that security and privacy need to be at the forefront of mobile innovations. SKY GLOBAL has focused its efforts in building solutions for the modern world and do not compromise security for convenience or simplicity. With the new brand position, the SKY GLOBAL hopes to communicate and articulate its more expanded offering—a comprehensive secure, mobile, B2B productivity solution, and in the near future also offer an exciting digital marketplace for consumers. There are a lot of exciting innovations happening behind the modern office walls of this mobile tech company! When you have a team of brilliant, creative people as SKY GLOBAL does—the dynamic collaboration of concepts and ideas coming from a team with diverse backgrounds, skill sets, and experiences— you get a more competitive portfolio of products. Some of those ideas are now in full development in 2018 and will launch in 2019. As we expanded our portfolio of products and services, a rebrand was necessary to reflect we are no longer just a mobile communications company, but a mobile communications and solutions company that will integrate new technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency into its products. Our new SKY GLOBAL branding provides a modular naming convention for each product that makes it easily identifiable as part of the larger SKY GLOBAL family and, most importantly, reinforcing and strengthening brand recall and recognition. The family of SKY GLOBAL brands includes SKY WORK, SKY DOCS, SKY BOX and SKY CHAT. These stand-alone, B2B mobile communications and productivity tools can be bundled as the SKY WORK solution or used on their own. In line with the positioning, SKY GLOBAL has launched a new corporate website,, and product website,, with more product websites to be launched late 2018 as it expands its portfolio of solutions and services. If you’re interested in learning more about the company or becoming a partner or reseller of their solutions, sign up for the SKY GLOBAL newsletter.