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SKY WORK is a mobile device management solution (MDM)  designed for small to mid-sized enterprises who want to optimize productivity and maximize security.

With nearly everyone in North America owning a smartphone, businesses need simple solutions to protect their data on company-owned and employee-owned (BYOD) devices. They seek enterprise level solutions but don’t have the budget or IT staff to afford implementation and ongoing maintenance. Most mobile device management (MDM) solutions require IT resources  and expertise which most small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t have. SKY WORK is a cloud-managed MDM solution for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones that can be easily installed on devices in minutes. SKY WORK is designed to be easy to use and intuitive for the non-tech savvy users without compromising security. SKY WORK is powered by industry-leading BlackBerry UEM software and protects work data with financial-grade encryption that allows work related information and personal information to co-exist, on the same device. SKY WORK isolates work apps and data in a a secure container that cannot be accessed by other apps outside of the MDM. The BlackBerry UEM software allows you to set your own IT policies based on the level of security you need for your business. The simple activation and enrollment process makes SKY WORK an attractive option for businesses who don’t have the in-house IT expertise. The SKY WORK team provides a fully managed service to help businesses set up SKY WORK and help establish an endpoint management program so businesses can have a completely secure collaborative environment without compromising convenience or security. “We believe that many businesses without IT resources have been underserved by the MDM market. Together these businesses represent a growing market share across many industries. SMEs need a way to secure their mobile devices just as much as large enterprises do. And SKY WORK was built to do just that.” – Jean Francois Eap, Founder and CEO of SKY GLOBAL BYOD has become a popular trend in small and mid-sized businesses who employ remote workers or independent contractors. To minimize potential security breaches created by employees using personal devices for work, SKY WORK’s MDM platform offers an easy, affordable solution. “Having the best-of-breed mobile device security shouldn’t come down to the companies with the biggest budgets or IT departments. All businesses deserve the same level of mobile security and protection provided by more complicated MDMs, but without the high cost or technical resources those solutions require. ” – Chanelle Dupre, VP of Strategic Initiatives You can purchase SKY WORK as software as a service through For more information about SKY WORK and our suite of security products, contact us to learn more and speak with a representative.