The most secure messaging app available with unparalleled privacy & security.

Product Overview

SKY ECC offers the most secure messaging solution for your most sensitive and important conversations.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Protected by best-in-class device security, encryption, and network.

Fully Managed

We provide device set up, enrollment, and account activation 24/7.

Secure Collaboration

Collaborate and communicate securely with your entire team anywhere in the world.

Global Coverage

Connectivity around the world on a private, secure mobile network.


Sky ECC is designed for your most sensitive communications. With SKY ECC, from the device to the app to the messages, everything is secured to the highest possible standards. When you need the ultimate in security and privacy, SKY ECC is the best choice available.

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SKY ECC doesn't sacrifice productivity or ease-of-use for security. Learn how you can secure your team today.

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