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SKY GLOBAL Announces Launch of SKY ECC for iOS

Flagship End-to-End Encryption App Now Available for Android Devices and iPhones

For nearly nine years SKY ECC has set the standard for end-to-end encrypted communications. Originally launched on BlackBerry OS devices in 2010, SKY GLOBAL launched SKY ECC for Android in April of this year and starting today, SKY ECC is now available on iPhones. SKY ECC for iOS v2 includes all the features of SKY ECC for Android including:

  • Running within a managed container on the device
  • All network connections encrypted with a 2048 bit SSL VPN
  • Unsurpassed brute force protection
  • One-on-one, group, and broadcast chats encrypted with a proprietary 521 bit elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) algorithm
  • Flash messaging
  • Message attachments (images, notes, and saved chats)
  • User-controlled message expiry
  • Message revocation
  • Secure Vault for keeping images, notes, and chats protected with a separate password
  • Contact list with custom groups

“We’ve had tremendous demand for SKY ECC on iPhone from our customers for years. It’s been on our radar for years, and we’re extremely happy to be launching an iOS version of SKY ECC this year. I’ve been using ECC for iOS for months and love how this app has turned out.” — Jean-Françios Eap, CEO and founder of SKY GLOBAL.

You can read more about the launch of SKY ECC for iOS on the SKY ECC blog.

Like SKY ECC for Android, SKY ECC for iOS is only available through SKY GLOBAL resellers pre-installed on locked-down, managed devices. SKY ECC requires an iPhone 6 or better (including the iPhone SE) and iOS 12. For more information and to purchase SKY ECC, please visit