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SKY ECC App and Servers Pass Rigorous Penetration Testing

Penetration testing conducted by BlackBerry reveals no vulnerabilities in secure messaging system

For nearly ten years SKY ECC has set an extremely high standard for secure mobile messaging. SKY ECC offers multiple layers of encryption and password protection to deliver one of the most secure, private, and anonymous messaging applications available on the market. At SKY ECC, and parent company SKY GLOBAL, security is paramount. To ensure internal testing and procedures met or exceeded industry best practices, SKY ECC contracted with security experts at BlackBerry to attack the app with rigorous penetration testing. The report from BlackBerry (available in this post from the SKY ECC blog) shows that no vulnerabilities in the app that would allow an attacker to decrypt a message if intercepted or even if they had physical access to the device.

“Security is at the heart of what we do and we knew our systems already had extremely high levels of security, the penetration testing conducted by BlackBerry confirms this and gives us even more confidence in our systems.” Jean-François Eap, CEO SKY GLOBAL.

With tens of thousands of customers around the world, SKY ECC has been one of the best kept secrets in secure messaging. SKY ECC has always stood for unparalleled and uncompromising security and the latest penetration tests serve to strengthen SKY ECC as a standout leader in the field.

SKY ECC uses 521 bit keys with a proprietary elliptic-curve cryptography algorithm to secure messages to and from users. On both Android and iOS (currently in private beta) platforms SKY ECC runs in an MDM-managed secure container with its own series of passwords for messages and a secure vault for photos and notes.

For more information about SKY ECC please visit the all new including the new SKY ECC blog .