Secure file sharing and collaboration

Product Overview

SKY DOCS is a secure electronic file sharing and real-time synchronization with EFSS (electronic file sharing and synchronization) solution for business. SKY DOCS gives central control who can view, share, or edit documents with a complete history of file sharing and editing activities.

Maximum Data Protection

Secure end-to-end file sharing, synchronization, and storage. Your data is protected at rest, in transit, and after delivery.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate with your existing file repositories, company-approved apps, and workflows without hampering productivity.

Complete Data Control

Digital Rights Management lets you securely view, edit, and annotate documents on any device.

Industry Compliance

Compliant with file sharing requirements for various industries and meets regulatory mandates required for customer privacy.


SKY DOCS provides secure file synching, sharing, and storing capabilities, so collaboration and communication is seamless and worry free.

Collaborate, share, and store data with maximum security

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