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Global leader in privacy technology

Connecting your everyday life

SKY GLOBAL is a world leader in technology designed with privacy in mind. The products in our portfolio have two overarching goals:

1. Support the human right to privacy; and

2. Empower human connections

Sky Global - a leading Vancouver tech company - Product Portfolio

Uncompromising Security.
Beautifully Designed.

SKY GLOBAL is a quiet achiever in the Vancouver-based tech industry. Our product portfolio is expanding and always elevating. We have developed two market-leading app solutions:

SKY ECC, the world’s most secure communications app; and Moola, an e-gift card marketplace & secure digital wallet.

We are committed to creating incredible customer experiences. We are able to achieve this through collaborative and cross-functional teams who move the needle each day on putting our customers first.

SKY ECC is the world's most secure messaging app - Designed by SKY GLOBAL

SKY ECC – The world’s most secure messaging app

SKY ECC is most secure messaging app available anywhere in the world today and was developed to support the human right to privacy.

Utilizing 521-bit ECC Diffie-Helman encryption, SKY ECC was designed from the ground up with an unrelenting focus on personal privacy and security. SKY ECC was SKY GLOBAL’s first product and in December 2020 we commemorated the product’s 10-year anniversary. SKY ECC is available directly through our website or through our global network of Authorized Partners.

Secure your privacy with SKY ECC


Moola is a e-gift card marketplace and secure digital wallet where you can buy, store, and send gift cards from a secure mobile app.

We made Moola because we know gift cards aren’t just for gifting (although we do that too!). They’re a great way to find deals on the brands you love. Through Moola, you can easily buy gift cards to your favorite stores at a lower price. Why not shop smarter, score deals, and savor the savings!

Save on everyday essentials at

or connect with Moola on Social

Moola is an egift card marketplace that's designed to change the way you shop - SKY GLOBAL product

In 2020, we were thrilled to welcome 25 new staff members to our team. In 2021, we plan on adding a lot more!

If you’re looking for a career in Vancouver’s vibrant tech industry, or know someone who is, please take a look at our open positions.

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