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People of SKY GLOBAL: Sam St. John

Sam St. John, a native of Maple Ridge, B.C., is our resident social media expert and metrics maven. Sam isn’t just the person who is the voice of Moola online, she’s a social media influencer in her own right. In fact, that’s one of the reasons why she’s at SKY. In the spirit of full disclosure, I hired Sam for the role and think she’s an amazing and brilliant person—so I might be a tad biased.

Sam joined SKY about eight months ago as our Social Media Coordinator for Moola and has built a strong and growing following for the brand. But always one to take up a new challenge—Sam famously can’t rest until she figures something out that she wants to learn—Sam now is responsible for tracking the metrics, analytics, and KPIs for Moola. This is one of the things she likes best about working at SKY: the chance to learn and grow beyond the job you were originally hired to do.

I feel like if there is something I think I can excel at, I can try it. Try it and if you can do it, it’s your job.

Having people listen to when I say I think I would be really good at this and people say, “Okay go ahead and try it”.

Sam had an idea for running Instagram contests grow Moola and give people a chance to win $100 by interacting with us on social media. Her experiment worked even better than expected and is now an essential part of the Moola marketing mix.

Sam is early in her career, and she feels working at SKY has really helped her grow as a person and a professional. You’re never stagnant at SKY. If you want to step up and try something new, something you’re interested in or think you’d be good at—you can take that chance. We look for the potential in everyone, and when it turns out someone has a hidden talent—we try to nurture it.

Of course, no one is just about their work, everyone has inner passions. For Sam there is makeup, yoga, and pet chickens.

Creativity unleashed through effects makeup

Sam didn’t start out in social media, her first love was makeup. And not just any makeup, special effects (SFX) makeup. Straight out of high school, Sam enrolled in the John Casablanca Institute to study makeup. She studied fashion and beauty makeup for the first half of the program before finally getting to study SFX makeup. Sam started building a following on Instagram for her makeup artistry and started to work with brands as an influencer. Today she has over 40,000 followers on Instagram and uses her voice to champion body positivity and being good to yourself.

Sam’s Instagram is full of her amazing makeup work, including her examples of horror and SFX makeup. She’s into all things spooky and creepy and her creations are inspired more by everyday life than any movie of genre. Be forewarned, her horror makeup isn’t for the faint of heart.

How long does it take to do her SFX makeup? Usually about 2 hours on average, but some of the more detailed looks can take three or four hours to complete. One of my personal favorite pieces is her Jaws poster/illusion …

and her body painting she did for Vancouver’s TELUS World of Science.

Yes, that’s woman painted as a giraffe.

New challenges

While Sam does still do effects makeup, her newest passions are yoga, headstands, and inversions. She enjoys the challenge and feeling of accomplishment she gets as she gets stronger and more flexible. She was inspired to try doing headstands as part of stretching before working out. She thought, why not give it a try. Push myself to do something I haven’t been able to do so far. From the looks of things, Sam has gone heads down in getting the knack of this new challenge.

Cluck, cluck, woof, meow

Right now Sam has a pet kitten she shares her apartment with, but when she was in high school she had pets of a decidedly more unique sort: a chicken and a rooster.

For a few years Sam had a chicken and a rooster as pets and she says they were very sweet and cuddly. They even snuggled to sleep with her malamute – wolf dog.

No, I didn’t see that one coming either.

Both feathered friends lived to a ripe old age and when their time came, they didn’t become dinner. Who would really want to eat their pets, right?

Creativity is part of our DNA

Sam is a great example of the people who work at SKY. Sam has a sharp creative mind who doesn’t flinch from a challenge. Like everyone at SKY she contributes to a larger team who work together to make our fantastic privacy, security, and shopping products.

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