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People of SKY GLOBAL: Edwin Tanu

Edwin Tanu is the Product Manager for our flagship SKY ECC apps and SKY ECC portal. Edwin, originally from Jakarta, Indonesia, came to Vancouver over ten years ago for school. A graduate of Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), Edwin started as a part-time Support person before joining SKY full-time after he finished school. Edwin typifies SKY employees—he came in with great skills and drive, and his hard worked paid off in advancing his tech career within SKY.

Growing with the company

When Edwin joined SKY there were only eight or nine people in the company and we had just moved into our new offices. Since Edwin joined three years ago we’ve grown to over 60 people! Edwin has been working on our flagship SKY ECC product since he started with SKY in Support. His tech skills drew the attention of our CTO, who moved him from Support to the product side of the house, first as a developer and later into his current role as the product manager for SKY ECC. At SKY we promote from within and grow our employees into professionals who are continually challenged and honing their skills.

It’s fun when you work with a bunch of people who all have the same mindset, “this is our goal, let’s meet it.”

For Edwin the best thing about SKY are the people he works with. When I asked Edwin if why someone should apply for a job at SKY, he said without hesitation, “Yes.” And when I asked why he said, the people. The people here have made a great culture. We have fun together, but are all dedicated to achieving a common goal.

SKY is like working at any startup, it’s busy and it’s fun. It’s a really valuable experience when you work with a small company—you need to learn everything. It’s a great challenge for anyone.

Pre-pandemic we had games nights and time after work to hang out, these helped build and help the team come together. Even though the team can’t be together right now and hang out after work or weekends, they still come together and keep their sense of team with chat and video. This connection together is what Edwin feels makes the team he works on stronger.

Eight ball, corner pocket, critical hit

In his free time Edwin loves to play boardgames, watch movies on Netflix, and play pool. His regular spot is downtown on Granville Street where he used to work part time as a student. He says he isn’t a pool shark, but of course that’s what all pool sharks say—before they take all your money.

It’s hot, I’m melting

Edwin is a guy who likes cool weather. We’re always surprised that Edwin, a guy who comes from a tropical country, absolutely hates hot weather and summer. For Edwin 23C is too hot.

People in the office think, “oh you’re from Indonesia, it’s a tropical country, you must be good with the warm weather”. As a matter of fact, I really hate Summer. Outside is okay, but indoors without air conditioning I can’t sleep. For me at night 23C is too hot for me.

While most of us wait the entire year for warm, sunny weather in Vancouver, for Edwin cool weather is where it’s at.

Come join us at SKY

We’re growing! The need for privacy and security tools—especially for communications—is more important than ever. If you’d like to join Edwin, and the rest of us, at SKY, check out our careers page.