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People of SKY GLOBAL: Brittaney Lee

Brittaney Lee is our Director of People and Culture responsible not just for hiring all the great people who work at SKY GLOBAL, but also for supporting a diverse, inclusive, and fun culture. We spend a lot of time at work, and having a rich, exciting company culture is one of the secrets to success. Brittaney, born and raised in Vancouver, has been with SKY for about 6 months—joining us shortly before the pandemic—and has led us through not only these challenging times, but also a time of tremendous growth at SKY.

Since the pandemic started we’ve hired over a dozen people. Even in “normal” times, when you add that many people over a short period of time, it’s hard to maintain a strong, cohesive company culture. Now without our usual weekly lunches together and introducing ourselves around the office, Brittaney is charged with the challenge of building a semi-distributed culture at SKY. Not an easy challenge, but with virtual town halls and regular communication, we’re on the path to our new culture.

Finding talent, setting a pace, and ice cream

Before coming to SKY, Brittaney spent the past five years working in talent acquisition for IT companies. Her deep experience in finding the right talent for the right job is one of the most important skills she brings to SKY. But Brittaney hasn’t been just a recruiter, she also had side hustles as a spin class instructor and owned her own dessert shop serving shaved ice cream!


Coming to SKY for the People

Brittaney was attracted to SKY because of the already existing strong people culture. She had previously worked with our COO Aylwin Shu and looked forward to working with him and our visionary founder Jean-Françios Eap. She feels right at home in our start-up style, energy-filled, creative, and fun company. When the fit is right, you just know it.

This isn’t just essential for new people joining SKY, but as we grow and expand, Brittaney is looking for the same calibre of awesome represented by everyone here at SKY. This is no easy feat, but the dozen plus recent hires are a testament to her savvy and skill at recruiting the best people to make a company shine and grow to its fullest potential.

Fanatical about fitness

You might have gathered, given the stint teaching spin classes, Brittaney is a fitness fanatic:

When I’m not working, you will find me in spin class at RIDE or on a megaformer at LAGREE West. If you can’t find me there, I’m probably in the snack aisle at a grocery store. I am a fitness fanatic. Last year I completed a 33KM hike up to Panorama Ridge, over to Garibaldi Lake and back down in under 10 hours.

Whoa, that’s a hike! To put that into perspective, average walking speed is 3.2 KM/h. Fine that averages out, but that’s average walking speed on flat ground not up and over mountains!

I don’t think any of us took her up on her offer of virtual spin classes while we’re working remotely, and I’m glad I didn’t! I’m betting Brittaney would put anyone through their paces.

Unprecedented growth in unique times

We’re extremely lucky to have Brittaney on board leading People and Culture. We’re growing fast with several new projects on the go and continuing to build a thriving culture in a newly distributed team of pros.

If you’d like to learn more about SKY GLOBAL or our careers, it’s all here on the website.