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Category: News

SKY GLOBAL Announces Launch of SKY ECC for iOS

Flagship End-to-End Encryption App Now Available for Android Devices and iPhones For nearly nine years SKY ECC has set the standard for end-to-end encrypted communications. Originally launched on BlackBerry OS devices in 2010, SKY GLOBAL launched SKY ECC for Android in April of this year

SKY ECC App and Servers Pass Rigorous Penetration Testing

Penetration testing conducted by BlackBerry reveals no vulnerabilities in secure messaging system For nearly ten years SKY ECC has set an extremely high standard for secure mobile messaging. SKY ECC offers multiple layers of encryption and password protection to deliver one of the most secure,


SKY WORK is a mobile device management solution (MDM)  designed for small to mid-sized enterprises who want to optimize productivity and maximize security.With nearly everyone in North America owning a smartphone, businesses need simple solutions to protect their data on company-owned and employee-owned (BYOD) devices.

SKY GLOBAL Leadership Team Expands

Award-winning marketer Chanelle Dupre and technology veteran Hersh Kathuria join the senior leadership team at SKY GLOBAL. Chanelle Dupre has joined SKY GLOBAL as the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives, Sales and Marketing to spearhead the marketing team at SKY GLOBAL and prepare for several